The Future of Wellness with Edie and Life, Lately

Hi, there. It’s been a long time since I brought words to these pages (about eight months, to be exact), and so much has changed. While I was gone, life simultaneously sped up and slowed down, leaving things like creativity, inspiration, and motivation behind. The world turned upside down, too. But here we are. In many ways, this feels like both a homecoming and a reawakening. From my dusty keyboard to yours, thank you for being here.

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Ironically in one of my recent blog posts, I said I was eager to flex my creative muscles again. I wrote about the imposter syndrome and how it had gotten the best of me. By writing about it, I thought I was ready — and therefore committed — to continue blogging. Admittedly (and truthfully), my pursuit was too ambitious. But as my dad likes to say, may the truth set you free.

Shifting priorities

In the midst of our pursuits, sometimes we’re forced to shift priorities. Instead of cramming one more responsibility into our weekly to-dos (be that blogging, joining a book club, etc.), we have to take a step back. In turn, we intuitively crave things like rest and stillness. And through that stillness, we’re able to revaluate how we’re spending our time. Very quickly, we come to realize what we truly need. Usually, it’s that less is more. For me, that was precisely the case. Between a busy work schedule, a summer road trip, moving homes in Denver, and getting pregnant with our first baby(!), life had other plans. I needed to do less, not more.

But often, that’s par for the course. We set lofty goals and high expectations for ourselves and then poof, circumstances change. At the end of the day, it’s all about how we pivot. Needless to say, we’re living in rather interesting times. Everyone’s new “normal” looks very different — and beyond the walls of our homes, uncertainty seems to be the only constant. May we all continue to lean on each other, even from afar. Human connection is more important now, than ever.

An Ode to parentHood

When it comes to raising a human, I’ve embraced the notion that parenting is a game of trial and error. Or at least that’s my current perspective. From what I can tell, you can only read so many books, listen to so many podcast episodes, and receive so much advice from other parents before simply embracing the triumphs and tribulations of figuring it out on your own (hopefully, with some help from your village). Thus far, it’s been filled with countless moments of quiet courage, especially at a time when the world is social distancing. Maternal instincts and virtual village, I’m relying on you.

In more ways than one, my family’s day-to-day has experienced a serious facelift. Our baby, sweet Wilson John, arrived on March 9th. We’re so in love with our newest addition — he’s expanded our hearts, tenfold. And watching my husband become a father has been equally beautiful. But despite all-things motherhood, I’m determined that important aspects of my life won’t be left behind. Rather, in the coming months and years, they’ll evolve to take on a different meaning. Before I get ahead of myself, though, we’re prioritizing and savoring newborn life. Even with its challenges, it’s worth every sleepless hour, fussy moment, and diaper change. Eventually, I’ll learn how to weave in furthering my career and embracing my passions. Without a doubt, my identity (beyond motherhood), as well as my self-worth, are in for a wild ride. But thus far, being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging job of my life.

Looking ahead

What does this all mean for the future of Wellness with Edie? Hopefully on a routine basis, I’ll be posting here — anything and everything from simple, no-fuss recipes, to my pregnancy journey, family life, travel experiences, practical wellness, and more. Ultimately, I want to cultivate a website that’s well-rounded and in many ways, helpful. My hope is that you’ll either learn something new, find solace in my vulnerability, or seek these pages as a source of inspiration. At any rate, I’m just thankful you’re here, supporting this creative passion of mine.

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