Need Inspo? A Morning Routine For Peace And Energy

At this point, we know that the secret to productivity—and overall health—is rooted in a daily routine (and no, I don’t mean the That Girl routines we see on social media). Ultimately, the goal is to figure out a morning rhythm that works for you: the working mom; the entrepreneur; the go-getter; the woman who juggles her own to-do list with the mental load of parenting; the woman who’s evolving into the strongest, most authentic version of herself, etc. Speaking of, today I’m sharing my mom morning routine. These are holistic rituals and time-efficient activities that set me up for health and happiness—no matter the chaos of life.

What is a morning routine?

morning routine is anything that helps you set the tone for the day. It’s meant to empower you, as a mom, to take charge of your life. You run the show. And here’s the thing: no one can tell you what this looks like or how long it takes. Only you can do that. Ultimately, a morning routine is about flow and fluidity. It’s about experimentation. It’s about figuring out what rituals work for you. Inevitably, this depends on a handful of circumstances. For example, how you slept the night before, where you’re at in your menstrual cycle, when your kids wake up, etc.

Create A Morning Routine That Works For You

At the root of it, we’re bio-individuals. Just as we all have unique nutritional needs, there is no one, universal morning routine that works for everyone. A supportive morning rhythm is extremely subjective. Unfortunately, so many of us run—full speed—in the direction of a morning routine we see on Instagram, only to be left wondering why we still feel anxious or exhausted. What you do in the morning should be subject to your individual needs. Embrace this.

coffee_mom morning routine

Pay attention to your stressors

Thanks to today’s social media landscape, we see perfectly curated morning routines—a tall glass of lemon water, followed by a meditation, long walk, and avocado toast. While aspirational, it’s also worth a reality check. After all, your circumstances may look more like this: a neglected pile of laundry, an overflowing inbox, and screaming children. Therefore, embrace an imperfect morning routine. Choose a handful of activities or habits you need, and forget the rest. If you have no idea what you need in the morning—and very little time to spare—start paying attention to your stressors. Oftentimes, these triggers unveil the imbalances in your life. In turn, these are the things that need more nurturing. Energy flows where attention goes.

7 Holistic Rituals I Honor Every Day

By every day, I mean most days. Because let’s be real—some mornings go completely haywire. Be it the poor night’s sleep, the toddler who needs extra attention, or an unprecedented work notification, life is unpredictable. If your rituals don’t go to plan, you’re simply being nudged to change course. Furthermore, recognize that from the moment you wake up, there is something (or someone) buying for your attention. When possible, start your day by minimizing these attention-seekers. And yes, this includes social media. Without further ado, below are my simple holistic rituals. Aka, my mom morning routine.

1. A Daily Check-In

Duration: 1-3 minutes

This is the most foundational piece of the puzzle. As I roll out of bed—anywhere from 5:30-6:30 a.m.—I ask myself how I’m feeling. Is my mind at ease? Did I sleep well? How does my body feel, physically? Where am I at in my menstrual cycle? Unfortunately, we are so disconnected from our bodies that we forget to check in. As an act of self-kindness, this is vital. Once I get a pulse on how I’m doing, I can make choices that actually serve me. Because of this practice, I start my day in a supportive, judgmental head space. This is also when I make the bed!

P.S. I don’t use my iPhone alarm! My toddler is a great sleeper (very grateful), so I wake up naturally after about eight hours of sleep. However, I have used the Sleep Cycle app. This wakes you up during your lightest REM cycle with a calming, gentle sound (much better for cortisol).

2. Hydrate

Duration: 2-3 minutes

No surprise here. We all wake up dehydrated, so it’s important to start the day by restoring fluid balance. To support hydration, I add a scoop of Ultima to 12 ounces of room temp water and sip away (actually, I prep this the night before). I like adding electrolytes to my water—for taste, a boost of vitamin C, and trace minerals to help with water absorption. That said, you can also make a chia seed elixir: 12 ounces of water mixed with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of high-quality sea salt, 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds, and a few drops of monk fruit. This provides quality hydration, and the chia seed’s fiber aids in digestive health.

3. dental hygiene

When you drink water in the morning before brushing, it will clean out your mouth and make tooth-brushing more effective.

Duration 3-4 minutes

Despite its Ayurvedic roots, tongue scraping has recently gained popularity. I hopped aboard and haven’t turned back. What is tongue scraping? In essence, you use this tool to gently graze the tongue. It helps remove debris and bad bacteria, and clear out the surface of the tongue. Overall, it encourages better oral health. I take about a minute to tongue scrape, along with my morning tooth-brushing routine. While I brush, I multi-task. I step outside—even if it’s very cold. The benefits of fresh air aside, this is also when I take a few minutes to run through the list of things I’m grateful for.

4. Skin refresh

Duration: 2-3 minutes

Because I typically workout in the morning, my skincare routine is minimal. I splash water on my face, put on deodorant, and that’s it. However, if I’m diving right into work instead, I’ll also spritz with this Everything Spray and use Naturium’s peptide moisturizer. Regardless, as I complete this part of my routine, I envision how I want to show up for my family, friends, and clients that day. I think about what I want to accomplish (want being key here, as sometimes my to-do list only gets a small dent). Abundance mindset, baby.

5. change clothes

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Whether I feel like jumping into work—or I’m craving an endorphin rush on my yoga mat—I change out of my jammies. Staying in my cozies is very tempting (especially in the winter!), but I make it a point to throw on exercise clothes. This tells my mind it’s time to wake up and get going. To minimize friction, I pull out my clothes the night before and bring them upstairs. The fewer the obstacles, the better.

6. Make Coffee

Duration: 5-6 minutes

My favorite part of the morning! But for the sake of hormone balance, I use my morning coffee less as a dependency and more as a ritual. Drinking multiple cups of low-quality coffee beans—on autopilot—is not the goal. It pays to invest in quality, organic beans. Unfortunately, coffee beans are one of the most pesticide-covered crops in the world. Once you picture those chemicals floating around in your mug, you’ll feel that much more inclined to upgrade your java. I either opt for Enerhealth or Purity Coffee. I brew my coffee in a French press. I love the art of this process. I drink a little bit before my workout (or at my desk), but to support my blood sugar, I drink most of my coffee after breakfast.

7. Free flow

duration: TBD

From here, I let my energy, mood, and to-do list take the reins. I’ll either do a 30-45 minute workout class, incorporate stream-of-consciousness writing, watch a few Youtube videos, or eat breakfast. This part of my morning rhythm is quite variable—as it should be! While I don’t always know exactly what I need, I can confidently sat that I never regret doing a workout first thing in the morning or keeping my phone on Do Not Disturb until after breakfast. I also never regret a post-daycare-drop-off croissant and coffee stop.

Ultimately, I encourage you to weave more awareness into your morning. How can you start your day in a more loving, supportive, and peaceful way? Remember, your routine doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be intentional.

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